What distinguishes a good hoodie?

This question is almost esoteric in nature. In addition to good materials such as cotton, weight also plays a key role, depending on the intended use. A hoodie is an everyday item of clothing that is often used by young people at the moment.

While it is particularly important to these young people how heavy a good hoodie is for them, for some others it doesn't matter, or the classic hoodie is just another piece of clothing that is simply a must in winter.

But it's not quite that simple. In addition to material and weight, the cut is also very important and the motif also plays a key role, as does the basic color. For example, the print on the back, the so-called “backprint”, is particularly important for younger people. The motif seems to have only a secondary meaning.

Nevertheless, the material, cut, weight, type of print and motif must match. Lighter basic colors of the fabric are very popular. So about a white - or at least light gray color.

When it comes to the type of printing itself, it is usually printed motifs. Embroideries are also included, but the majority seems to be more towards printing.

When it comes to the material itself, as with almost all clothing, organic cotton has proven itself. This makes the hoodie soft, absorbs moisture better, also inhibits body odor to a certain extent - and does not scratch.

The scratching, or even the unpleasant feeling when worn, mainly comes from poor, cheaply processed cotton, or from too large a proportion of synthetic fibers. Mixed fabrics are not inherently bad. But if the proportion of polyester is too high, you can feel it in the wearing comfort. Even after washing several times, the hoodie or other item of clothing can scratch unpleasantly or even irritate the skin. Nobody wants that - but this is one way to recognize the inferior quality!

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