Clothing for your gym

At this point you have to say - real clothing for your gym is usually made of functional materials. Special fabric that efficiently dissipates or relativizes your sweat during training sessions and is breathable. Also for a better range of motion etc.

Materials that are breathable or that can absorb sweat and its odor to a certain extent, such as cotton, are also important.

That's why we created a collection that you can use in your gym just as well. The Jym Athlete collection. It is made of cotton and especially the tank tops, long joggers and short jogger pants are ideal for being active in your gym. Even if it is streetwear in the narrower sense, it is ideal for training in the gym!

It consists of the Thin series , in which the logo is attached discreetly. From the Purestreet range that features a larger main motif attached to the front. And the tank tops, which in turn are provided with a subtle logo. Here, of course, we differentiate between garments for women and those for men .

There are also the practical drinking bottles , which should not be missing in any training session. The matching socks have also been added.

And as always, all collections will continue to be stocked and expanded over time! This allows for more variations among all garments.

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