Eco-friendly products and biodiversity of our brand

We act carefully when it comes to the environment! We have chosen a manufacturer whose printing machines and manufacturing process waste up to 95% less water and 60% less energy compared to other manufacturers.

Biodegradable NeoPigment inks are used, which are free of toxins and animal ingredients. This automatically makes the colors safe for babies and small children - or even your pets. And yet the durability is preserved!

We also offer textiles made from natural fibers such as organic cotton in our clothing that come from sustainable plantations. Care is also taken to ensure that the products are manufactured particularly fairly!

The organic cotton comes from seeds that are not genetically modified and planted without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Cultivation is carried out using natural methods such as rotational farming, which not only benefits the environment but also creates biodiversity and promotes the quality of life of the farmers.

Our manufacturer's textile supplier sources its products from various Asian countries. He attaches particular importance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and regularly and strictly checks every step of the supply chain to ensure safe, humane working conditions and fair wage payments.

In other words, we value all of this to make you feel good - and you automatically contribute to doing something good for people and the environment. This quality certainly has its price. But it's worth it! This high-quality feeling of quality, wearing comfort and our super cool motifs make you appear on a completely different level! _

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